Let’s get personal

I’m a professional Academic Advisor at a public institution in South Florida. I often experiment and test out makeup products that I find on Instagram or Pinterest and discover if I like it enough to share it’s glory with the world. I also am opinionated when it comes to pretty much anything, but particularly politics, socioeconomic issues, gender and sexuality issues, and discrimination of any kind. Due to my pretty random background in life and my ups and downs, I feel I have a unique spin on the world (I know, I’m TOTALLY the only one who feels this way…just amuse me here for a minute).

Basically, I have shit to say and this is where I will say it.

Want me to try out a makeup product or have a question about a product? Let me know, odds are I’ve already tried it or have no problem being your test rat.

Ps. I thoroughly enjoy bathroom selfies.

Enjoy the madness.