Missing donations and good reads/audibles

Hello all and welcome to another episode of Real Fake News Today…

Today’s episode will cover a few things:

  1. my annoyance with my apartment complex and stolen donations
  2. awesome book I finished
  3. movie I watched

So let’s get started shall we?

  • I am in the process of moving and as a result don’t need a lot of my furniture and other smaller items. I tried to sell it and had no luck so I didn’t feel like holding onto it anymore so I looked around online and found a few nonprofits in the area that pickup donations. I was pretty excited to do this and motivated to pretty much give everything away. Part of the process to send these donations was that I have them in a box clearly labeled and they will pick up free of charge.

          Easy enough right? 

          Well……I get a call today around 12:30 from the nonprofit saying they went to my               apartment and the items were not in front of my place and if I wanted to                               reschedule. “I’m sorry, what?!” “The driver stated that he went to your place and                   there were no items outside the apartment. Did you want to reschedule for another               time?” “Um, that’s concerning because I left a rather large box there prior to 8am                  and it was clearly labeled for pickup. Could you please make sure the driver went                    to the right apartment?

            Calls me back a few mins later.

            “Yeah, our driver went to the second floor with the Buddha in front and didn’t see                    anything waiting for him.” (pause) “Well, I’m really sorry about this but I definitely                left something out and I’m really aggravated now about this. I will have to call my                  apartment complex and see what’s going on. Thank you.

So I call my complex and they told me they would have to call the maintenance                  grounds keepers to see if they threw out anything or saw anything during the day.             They call me back to tell me that the grounds keepers didn’t see anything left or                   thrown out, etc.

                 ::nose flare::

              So in other words, people stole the box of CLEARLY labeled donations because                   instead of getting their own items they needed to take ones that were NOT                           meant    for them. I’m so deeply annoyed by all that I can’t even express it entirely               in words. I guess that causes a problem for this platform huh? Oh well….you get                 the idea.

Image result for donations take Image result for annoyed

  • So without getting into too much (or any) detail, those that know me personally know that I had a rough childhood to say the least. I was physically, mentally and emotionally abused (so I’ve discovered through years of therapy). As a result, I don’t have the best of relationships with my mother (culprit). However, I do still speak to her and have a “relationship” with her mostly due to family obligation/guilt.

Anyway, with that backstory I stumbled upon a book through audible (because I’m             too lazy to actually READ a book apparently, I need someone to read it to me). The             book is a memoir of a true story about a girl growing up in the 60s/70s who                           experiences extreme abuse and how she survives it and the mental turmoil that it             creates. The way the reader speaks for each character and puts actual meaning and           feeling into the words makes the book that much more enjoyable. The book is really           a great and moving story–although not what I went through at all but relate-able               on some avenues in terms of mental. The book has a sequel to it as well that I’m                 listening to now and will review when complete. I listened to the book on my way             home from work everyday and found myself literally saying things out loud like                 “Oh wow!” or “Oh shit!” in response to what I was hearing. The book is called “Call              me Tuesday” and the sequel (if interested) is called “Call me cockroach“. Excellent,             excellent, excellent book hands down. So if you can get past the extreme abuse and           horrible treatment she was given, the book is definitely a must read.

Image result for call me tuesday Image result for call me cockroach

  • I decided randomly to watch the Disney film “Moana” last night and I must say “Bravo Disney!” for making yet another feminist forward film (FFF) that did not end how I was expecting (in a good way). I was very shocked by the way that Frozen turned out and was pleasantly surprised by the change up in love interests and that the main “relationship” was really between the two sisters and not with a prince/princess type thing. Moana is much of the same concept: no female/male relationship (romantic), female leader/tribe leader, female power images, a HUGE nod to “Mother Earth” and a main character that is not sexualized nor made dis-proportionally. Definitely would recommend watching this film, especially if you enjoyed Frozen. I think it’s great that little children can grow up and see female figures in leading roles of power and strength and not just as a damsel.  I wonder how I would have grown up had I had a “Moana” to grow up with?

Image result for moana

Well that’s about it for me everyone. I will be moving (as mentioned earlier) in the next few weeks and will be starting a new job at that same time so I may not be available for blog updates much during that time–let’s be real, I’m barely committed to this as it is.

With that said, until next time.




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