Advise for the weak

Hello my blogger family….I have been absent for a few days because I’ve been going through some work/life drama. 

I’m really needing your advise on what to do here…..I’ll try to be as brief as I can. But don’t count on it…….

::watches people close the blog::

Ok so I’ve been in my current job for 3 yrs, doing the same exact thing with no room for growth or pay increase. So I’ve been interviewing and looking to move on. 

I finally get a second interview with another school that I absolutely would LOVE to work for! The interview went amazing and the hiring manager totally loved me! 

Fast forward a week later, (this past Mon) I get a call from the hiring manager telling me they’re still interested in me and they’re waiting on HR but she wanted to let me know incase I was interviewing for other jobs. I was SUPER excited to hear that because I was getting worried but now I was just excited!!!

Tuesday rolls around and one of my references tells me that the hiring manager called her and started DRILLING her about my attendance and pay. 

BACKSTORY: I was written up by my current cunt of a boss for taking too many days off without notice (which is LIE and I have documentation to prove it). This was in April and I was DEVASTATED because I had NEVER been written up for anything ever before. My boss and I have NOT gotten along since day 1. So this write up is in my file. 


So my reference is trying to figure out what the hell is going on and still maintain professionalism and talk about how I’m qualified for the position. However, she stated that the woman KEPT bringing it back to attendance and asking how often I take off and for what, etc. in addition, she asked (and asked again) to varify my pay….this reference happens to know it but her title does NOT indicate she would have access to that at all. 

So Tuesday after I hear all this I’m SOOOOOOO UPSET and depressed and just really, really, really low. 

I hadn’t heard anything since Monday and now I’m really worried that I didn’t get it because of this write up, regardless of all the other aspects I excelled in. 

I’m upset that this woman clearly didn’t do her checks first before calling me to give me an update because I’ve been so anxious and stressed this whole week obsessively checking my email and the job posting for my “sorry for your loss” letter. 

At this point, I don’t know what to do. Do I even have a chance anymore? Why did she do that? Should I follow up next week? Is it appropriate to bring it up to her if I speak to her? Should I be quiet until I hear something? I just feel so lost and upset and frustrated! 

My current job is also putting me in projects and roles that I would need to give to someone else soon if I were to leave and preferably before the start of the new semester. I know they wanted someone for the upcoming semester and they are aware that I would need to give two weeks but it’s getting really close at this point….

Also to make matters even worse, she made a point to tell my reference that she’s deciding between me and someone else…..

What advise would you all give me? Do you think I still have a chance or have I most likely lost it? Ugh!!!!! So frustrating! 

Lend me your ears!!!! 

Until next time.



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