Throwback Thursday Thoughts

Welcome everyone to another episode of Real Fake News Today!



On today’s episode, I’d like to move away from the political, emotional annoyance that is going on now-a-days and re-live some old favs of mine that pretty much shaped my adolescence.

For those that grew up in the 90’s (not born, big difference) can remember mostly good times in the world, music, movies, and TV. So today I’d like to list some of my personal favs from that time and would love to hear some of YOUR favs from that time too!

So without further ado, let’s get this shit rollin…….

Favorite TV show:

There are a lot and although I wasn’t allowed to watch MTV, I did adore Daria, Bevis and Butthead, 120 minutes, and any countdown they had on (although VH1 was the master at that). However, I can’t say I watched those shows habitually since….you know…wasn’t allowed to watch that station (my childhood was GREAT o_O).

Of the channels I was allowed to watch, one show comes to mind immediately:

Clarissa Explains It All

  1. For starters I thought Melissa Joan Heart was the ULTIMATE in cool and style! I wanted to be her so bad and have your “don’t give a fuck” attitude about clothing and what she likes. However, middle school was NOT welcoming of outsider thoughts or expression.
  2. I was in LOVE with Sam! hahahaha! How badly did I wish he (or my boyfriend at that time) would just show up in my window and my parents somehow not know or not care!! Ohhhhhh the fantasies……
  3. The parents. They were so air-headed that I secretly wished my parents were that naive and whimsical. Although the mother did try to have some reason and actually thought about keeping order, she was still extremely lenient and I longed for that atmosphere.

Favorite band:

Anyone who knows me for 5 minutes then or now, knows that my ultimate and forever favorite until I’m in the grave; was and will be:


  1.  Gavin Rossdale. End of sentence.
  2. Lyrics–yes Gavin can write some fuckin weird ass lyrics and we all can thank pot for those abstract lines, but at times he wrote in such a way that I felt spoke to my sad, angsty teenage life. I first bought BUSH’s Sixteen Stone on cassette and soon bought it on CD when that became a thing (my first CD’s I owed for the record were: Bush, Garbage, and Alanis Morissette). I still to this day own that cassette because I’m a hoarder (not really but with Bush items I am……I haven’t admitted myself into treatment yet…..).
  3. Shows–They did and still do put on really great shows. Gavin is very active and makes a point to run around on stage and the crowd–no matter where you are sitting/standing. I have seen him run to the very back of amphitheaters and all the way up high to the balconies just to give everyone a great experience no matter their wallet. I can definitely appreciate that in a performer and they maintain energy as a band from start to finish.
  4. Memories–when I think back to my middle/high school years although it was rough (especially middle school) and I was still trying to figure out who I was and wtf I liked….there was always ONE thing that was constant: Bush. They were always my go-to regardless of my changed musical tastes or personal sense of style. They became the “soundtrack” to my 90’s and whereas others were worshiping Nirvana and Soundgarden (RIP Chris Cornell), I was in my own little corner lip syncing and painfully internalizing the lyrics to every Bush song.

I’d like to thank Bush for being there for me when no one was and being there for me without knowing it. To this day, when there’s a Bush show in Florida, I go.

Favorite movie:

Now back in the day, I didn’t go to many movies because I was too consumed with going to the mall to loiter (yes just like Mallrats) and the ice skating rank to NOT skate but to walk around in ice skates with the cool kids who were playing in the lounge arcade area.

One movie sticks out as the ULTIMATE in romance and “oh my god! This movie is so real and so meaningful and powerful!“–middle school me.

Romeo and Juliet

  1. Claire Danes was fresh from My So-Called Life (a close second for fav TV show by the way because Jared Leto! Am I right?!), and I thought she was so pretty and her character in MSCL was someone I mimicked (and I also thought her character in MSCL was actually how Claire Danes was). When I saw her performance in Romeo and Juliet, I was won over again. Couple that with Leonardo DiCaprio who was sooooooo dreamy then, I bout died with romance/jealousy overload.  ❤ ❤ ❤
  2. I was very familiar with the play because I read the book about a thousand times and was in theatre for parts of middle school and all of high school so I would watch the acting of this movie to help me get into character when I would audition. Cheating? Probably, but I’m not a famous actress now anyway so CLEARLY it worked.
  3. I loved how they took a seemingly boring and long winded romance play and turned it into something teens could actually watch. I like the editing/colors and the action component to it that really was well put together–in my opinion.
  4. I always longed for a romance and connection like Romeo and Juliet (minus the suicide). Just having that passion for someone to the point that you literally cannot live without that person. Yes, I know how that sounds. And before you all start psychoanalyzing me (I beat you to it years ago so sit down), I mean it in a romantic poetic way not literal. It became what I judged all relationships against and probably became the reason why I was unsatisfied in 99% of my relationships. “Why can’t you be more like Romeo!?“, “Romeo DIED for Juliet! What have YOU ever done!?” ::halo:: Thanks unrealistic expectations of romance! (Disney also helped with this for me too).

Favorite drink (non alcoholic):

For a short period of time in our Country’s life, we had an amazing soda (or ‘pop’ for all you weirdos) that was eventually taken off the shelves because it could literally give you a heart attack……


  1. What’s not to love? It LOOKS like Mountain Dew, but boy oh boy it did NOT have the same effect as Mt. Dew. Those that remember this delight, remember it being EXTREMELY sweet and to a kid/teen this was heaven in a bottle.
  2. The commercials were so ridiculous (but kinda accurate as to the side effects of too much sugar) you were so excited to be THAT bonkers that you NEEDED to own a bottle right now!
  3. Parents had no idea how bad this shit was for you until someone somewhere complained about their kid having jitters and withdraw symptoms like that of a cocaine addict. Amazing.
  4. Although it literally got flat the moment you opened the bottle, you drank the whole damn thing. You drank it because you needed that high, you needed that rush, that energy, that……..SURGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I’m convinced that Surge was the jumping off point for then teens and current adults, to become cocaine addicts. It seemed like the natural progression of things….when they took Surge off the shelves we all went through withdraws. Some of us just took up another soda/candy while others took up another kind of coke.…O_o (For the record, I’m not condoning cocaine use, I’m making a funny. Chill out. Sit down and relax. Or better yet, find a Surge, drink it, and get back to me on how you feel…..I’ll accept your apology in the form of a 12 pack of Surge delivered to me personally).


Well although there are more things that made my 90’s a delight, I wanted to limit to a few items so I can hear from you all and so you all don’t get bored with my blabber. See? I’m considerate…………………………sometimes………………………………………’re welcome.

Until next time.



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