What do Father’s Day, PC/console games and two yolk eggs have in common? Another episode of Real Fake News Today that’s what!

Hello and welcome to another episode of Real Fake News Today!

On today’s show I will be touching topics such as: Father’s Day, PC & console games, and two yolk eggs.

  1. Father’s Day–Now without going into my personal long winded story about my estranged relationship I have with my dad–I want to just say that Father’s Day and Mother’s Day are the most anxiety driven Hallmark holidays (to me). I did not have a great childhood at all to say the least and I know many out there haven’t either but when these holidays roll around I’m forced to act like I care or that I really appreciate all my parents have done for me…blah blah. Truth is, I’m not appreciative and they didn’t do much for me as a child. My mother was abusive and my father just let her do it. Not sure what I’m supposed to be appreciating exactly…..

    Sure, I don’t HAVE to get either of them anything but I also don’t feel like dealing with the family harassment I’ll get for a year because I “couldn’t just get them a card“?! At any rate, I gave my dad a card that he’ll get late (not even my fault this time) and I found that I was struggling to write anything heart felt or sweet. So I did what I always do to kill any awkward moment: I joked around.

    I wish these holidays weren’t so obligatory and guilt ridden. I wish it was just as common to NOT give something as it is to give. Just frustrates me.

    And I’m sure there are people out there that will attempt to give me a guilt trip and say “at least your parents are alive“. Sure. However, until you’ve been through what I have, don’t assume my emotions would match yours.

  2. PC & console games–For those that don’t know, yes I play video games. Daily? No because I’m an adult and I have job. More because I have a job and less because I’m an adult—obviously! I have over 50 Steam games on my PC and I own a PS4 with only about 5 games on it. With that said, I really only play one game: Ark: Survival Evolved for the PC. To say I like the game is an understatement. I’m pretty obsessed. To the point that I pay monthly to have my own dedicated server for the game so I don’t have to deal with outside players and I can cheat as well! 😀

    Since I play PC games (Ark) so much, I wanted to shift and play my PS4. I was on it yesterday and realized that Ark is also available for PS4……for $60!!!! I’m sorry but technically that game is still in Beta and I already own it for PC, please explain to me PlayStation why you think I should pay $60 for an unfinished game that I happen to already own????

    I refuse to spend that much on the game, since I got Ark for the PC when it was around $14. I’d even pay max. $20 for the PS4 game, but $60?! You can eat a dick with that shit. 

    So because I do everything in my power to NOT pay full price for anything–outside of stealing of course, remember kids I’m an adult–I went online to find out ways that other people are using their Steam games on their PS. I thought I found one way, which I figured would be a workaround. Log into Steam via the Internet browser on PS and play the game from your Steam account.

    Apparently, either the dude explaining how to do this was a liar or PS found out about this delight and prevented any way to download the Steam client. I kept getting a message “this device does not support this client” or some shit like that.


    So if anyone knows how to either A. get Ark for the PS4 cheaper or B. know how to play Steam games on the PS4; please comment and let me know. I’m gonna lose my mind here soon.

  3. two-yolk egg–Nothing really secret to share here other than I literally cracked open 1 egg on Monday morning and out popped 2 yolks. Odd. I had never had that happen before.

    At first I thought, fuckin hormone pumped hens….poor things. But when I saw that they looked normal, I read up on what that could “mean”. Since in my world, everything and I mean EVERYTHING means something.

    Crazy! Party of 1? Your table is ready!”

    I was less than disappointed at what I found for the meaning: either someone I know or I will be pregnant with twins (that was kind of a cop out if you ask me) or if I’m Pagan it means bad shit will happen or way down at the bottom of the internet it said that it could mean good things will happen.

    ::nose flare::

    Ok so let me get this straight…..either something really good will happen or something really bad will happen?

    Gee, thanks for the insight. O_o

    FullSizeRender (2)


Before I leave you all to get back to your regularly scheduled program, I saw this on Amazon and naturally MUST own this asap!



Until next time!



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